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Weekly newsletter of Karn - Issue #1

Weekly newsletter of Karn - Issue #1
By Karn • Issue #1 • View online
My perspective on the differences between working at a bootstrapped startup and at a multi-billion-dollar company as a fresher.

It’s 14th February 2020 12:20 AM. I am finally starting a newsletter that I’ll try to keep up with every weekend. It’ll be mostly what I went through last week and whatever’s been going through my mind. And of course, a list of all the gems shared in my small endeavor called “Did you have a look at X?” that I started with my friend Vishesh.
Well, let me start with my experience at Amazon till now. I started my second internship at Amazon on Jan 18th, 2020. Since then, I have mostly been learning the internal tools and checking out the company’s vision, Jeff’s interviews, and a lot more that helps me understand this 25-year-old gigantic company. Everything will make sense but overwhelm you in a very different way. You’ll try to find your place in this organized mess. Honestly, the most I am afraid about is I hope I do not lose myself.
Ah! I am also afraid I might lose myself writing these long essays. So let me just bullet point things. So pros of working at Amazon as compared to a startup:
  • Money (Awesome, but a startup can and probably will pay you more. I am talking about cold hard cash.)
  • Stocks (Well, ESOPs rarely luck out but Amazon stocks will stay strong)
  • Benefits: Too many, be it health, accommodation, travel, whatever you think of.
  • Internal Community: Well a firm that old will have some amazing folks and as expected the people here are so damn talented. I get orgasms looking at some of the code that helps us build products. Also, I am talking about code written by the top 10% of people who majorly control the “HOW” of developing products in a company. This is probably the biggest reason that any developer can choose to stay at a big firm. The amount of learning if you just sit around and read code is exponential.
  • Parents: I can’t believe I am mentioning this, but the amount of happiness I see in my mum’s eyes when she talks to some relative and mentions that I’ll be working at Amazon is just another level.
But there are some cons as well. You’ll find yourself talking to people more than coding. You’ll find yourself planning more and more than actually developing stuff. Because any small step that you take has a lot of business value, it’s tough to experiment with a live audience as there are too many people to consult with on a small change. Ah! Your entire definition of a small change will change.
Things that I loved about working at a profitable bootstrapped firm are mentioned in this blog of mine: Unexpected internship amidst COVID that changed my life
Give it a read, and if you have any questions or feedback just reply back to this mail and I’ll make sure I respond to it.
As promised here are the links that were shared on Did you have a look at X? last week. If you haven’t it yet, click here.
Did you have a look at X
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I build and create things. As of now, I work as a Software Engineer at SendX/SendPost.

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