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Although it's okay to take a break - Software Shots - Issue #5

Although it's okay to take a break - Software Shots - Issue #5
By Karn • Issue #5 • View online
Hey there, this one will be less of a technical shot, more of my life and things I dealt with or have been dealing with for the past couple of months. They may have taught me a few things along the way, which I’d like to share.

I remember the day I decided not to take a break and keep on working after my second internship ended. It was with Amazon, last year. Honestly, the reason I made this decision was not that
  • someday I want to “start-up” and was acquiring knowledge and experience from all these places.
  • It wasn’t because it helped me grow as a Software Engineer.
but because it helped my family with the small amount of money I made. It handled my expenses and some gifts for family and friends.
The former is just mere side-effects. I realize they are huge side effects but most good things in life are.
On to the story
Alright! So this quick story started this January when I had to do a context switch from interning at SendPost to interning at Amazon. I never shied away from working, that’s what I had realized from picking up small weekend freelance projects along the way. I thought it’d be easy.
But then came the laziness, lack of motivation, and driving away from actually putting in the hours, as an Intern should. And the moment I realized that(So glad I did though) I knew I was in trouble.
And I honestly believe that the best way to actually get out of any trouble in life is by talking to people. But choosing the right people is of utmost importance.
I called up my girlfriend, she usually has some kind of solution to life problems. She made me realize I need to man up and do the work I was supposed to do.
I did not know what sort of courage she gave me but I ended up discussing this with my manager.
not sure if it was the right thing to do
not sure if it was the right thing to do
Anyways, he said this one line, “Gyan, where do you want to see yourself in the next 2 months, and what effort do you need to put in today to reach there!
Man, this was enough for me. Abstractions in life advice are always helpful. The abstraction here was where do you see yourself in 2 months, the greed in me came up pretty quickly. The greed of being a kick-ass intern. So people looking for motivation, I believe greed is probably the best motivator out there.
My manager ended up giving me this advice probably because he had changed a lot of companies and teams within companies. He might have gone through the same.
Learning and Motivation
So the bit about choosing people to learn from, go with the person closest to the kind of struggle you have. A student who has studied a topic recently will teach you better than most teachers out there.
Regarding motivation, greed works in 99% of the cases which will actually move your ass to do some fruitful work. I am not that guy who relies on reading an autobiography of a famous person and be motivated by that or a Jay Shetty video. If it works for you. Awesome. But do notice the delta you end up with after a week of that motivation and make sure it was not just a dopamine hit that you got while reading or watching that video.
That’s about it for this week. Let me know your views on this. I am still learning to live.
declare variables not war
declare variables not war
PS: It’s almost always okay to take a break if you can afford to.
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